Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Speaking Loud + Clear

I'm a music junkie.  I listen to it loudly in the car.  I could listen to it for eight hours a day, days in a row.  When I am home by myself, there is music blaring constantly thanks to our AppleTV.

If I could have my way in life, I would have a speaker to take with me everywhere, booming out background music to my life.  Sometimes I would sing.  Sometimes others would sing.  Spontaneous dancing may happen.  Either way, it would be fantastically musical!

So imagine my excitement when I met Jambox.  He is adorably cute, portable, and has kicking sound quality!  He syncs wirelessly to your ipod, iphone or other blue tooth accessible device.  He can fit in your pocket (if they are oversized) or your purse to provide the perfect streaming soundtrack to your day.  The fancy thing about Jambox is he also will act as a conference call speaker - or for an easy handsfree way to answer your phone while you are dancing to the soundtrack of your life!

Isn't it adorable?  Almost like a little Lego brick, and you know how I love me some Lego bricks!

After product testing this neat-o speaker, it was written up in my ReadyMade magazine as the "best bet for a truly portable, loud and solid speaker..."  You can read about it here.

Jambox retails for $199 and can be found at Cambria Cove.  
Buy and be blown away by how easy it is to use and the quality of sound.
Put it on your wish list.
You need it.

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  1. Scozy I saw this at the Apple Store and wanted it. Is it awesome??


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