Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas in my mailbox

Every year at this time I look forward to getting the mail each day.  Not only do we have boxes arriving from the online Christmas shopping we do, but tis the season for Christmas cards!

It has become a fun game to see who sends the first Christmas card and every year for the past four Christmases, I have been right in my estimation!

Carles and Lacy's card has always been the first to arrive at our home.  And this is because Lacy get her Christmas cards in the mail so that they arrive after Thanksgiving.  She has the timing of sending the Christmas cards down!

Who did you receive your first card from this year?


  1. ahhh i am glad that someone else loves christmas cards as much as i do!!

  2. I love Christmas cards! and our first this year was from my mother-in-law :)

  3. We have not received any cards yet. I thought we were doing we'll putting ours in the mail today. I guess there is always someone just a little quicker. :)


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