Friday, July 6, 2012

5 years down, 70 more to go

Five years ago on this day, July 6th, Benjamin and I got married.  FIVE.  Where has time gone??  It has certainly flown by.  I can honestly say that in the five years of our married life we have enjoyed everything from being goofy together...

to soaking up the moments when we are both so full of emotion from how blessed we are to have one another.
We chose to do feet washing at our wedding: I washed Benjamin's and he washed mine.  I cannot put into words how precious that was for us.  I can say without hesitation that Benjamin has been the leading man of our household with a quiet confidence that draws me to him.  He has loves and cherishes me more each time we take on a new adventure, a new challenge.  It overwhelms my heart.  For me, I cannot fathom what life would be life without him - where or who I would be.  The more time goes on, the more I am abundantly thankful that God orchestrated for the two of us to be tied together.  Each day I have with Benjamin is a true gift.
Here are the highlights of Year 5:
  • Moved to Houston, started residency and started work at Hess
  • Hosted themed parties
  • Took trips to San Antonio (x2), Missouri, PA, and Hawaii
  • Hit up some amazing concerts
  • Hung out with a Penguin
  • Found out we were pregnant with Winston Ace!
Thank you, Sweet Lovie for an amazing five years.

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