Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ecclesia: New Home

Last week Ecclesia held it's first round of services in their new location at 1100 Elder!  When we first started attending Ecclesia, they were purchasing the building, land, street and parking lot with plans to start doing a ton of the remodeling by themselves as a way to cost effectively revamp the old paper warehouse into a collaborative worship environment.

Although there is still work to be done, the space is amazing: open and functional with massive blank walls for displaying artwork!  There are larger dedicated children's areas and Benjamin and I can't wait for Winston to enjoy it!  There are moving walls, concrete floors, and beautiful old windows.  

Since it was the first night, Smilebooth was set up for snapping photos and providing a cute take home for folks who participated.  
We have started attending the Saturday service because it's a little less crowded and we figured that it might be the best time to take WAC when he arrives, but that has yet to be seen!  This week, in helping us continue the celebration of what God has provided, David Crowder will be leading worship!

And yes, that is an armadillo on my arm...he's from Kate Spade and he has been one of my favorite accessories this summer!  He makes a very good conceal-carry purse, just saying.

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