Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September Bark Box!

Yes its true that some people could consider how much I adore Lulu a little over the top.  I had mentioned earlier how we were making special efforts to make sure that she adjusts well to the changes that are about to come her way.  Well, today was the day that the September BarkBox arrived at the our home and I was so thrilled!  Lulu and I took the box outside and opened it up to see what goodies were inside
Lulu gets the small dog box because, well, she's a small dog!  The surprises inside of the box did not disappoint!  Along with a card explaining the products and the products themselves, we also received $10 off of an order at
Now for the good stuff:
1. Zukes:  We received three different flavors of the Z-bones designed for dogs to clean their teeth and freshen their breaths!  Benjamin also gave this a thumbs up!  
2. LA Fresh WAG Wipes:  One travel pack of the wash-and-go wipes to help keep loved ones clean and conditioned.  I am looking forward to trying this as Lulu tends to have grass allergies, so this may help keep those pesky itchys at bay between her weekly baths!
3. Barkworthies:  Another chew!  This one however is made from grass-fed Angus beef.... Oooo la la!
4. Whole Life Pet treats: We received a full sized bag of freeze dried sweet potato snacks and a mini bag of freeze dried chicken bites.  Lulu has devoured the chicken already and LOVED it!  What piqued my interest most about this item is that one: it was freeze dried and two: both items were less than 1% crude fat - which is a good thing for me to keep in mind for Mom and Dad's Jingle love!
5. A Hurley toy!: BarkBox must've heard that Lulu LOVES water and loves to swim!  This fun toy is tossable, chewable, and floatable!  We will be using this the next time we are in the pool for sure!

In trying to be a "responsible" parent, I have had to refrain from allowing Lulu to try every single item that we received today!  I look forward to spoiling her with the contents of our Bark Box over the weeks to come.  I like that all of the brands were new to me, broadening the variety of snacks for my little treat monster.  

Overall, Lulu and I are very pleased with the surprises inside and give it two thumbs paws up!  I very much look forward to the next month's goodie box and the new finds it will hold in store for us!
If you'd like to sign up for a Bark Box subscription for your sweet fur baby, click on this link here and receive $5 off of your first subscription!

This message was approve by Lulu Belle Cozad.

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