Sunday, January 20, 2013

2013 Restaurants: White Oak Kitchen

Straight after the New Year, Benjamin, Winston and I were joined by Kala and Luke for a new restaurant adventure at the White Oak Kitchen in the Galleria mall.  Benjamin had spent a little time looking up some places on Zagat and White Oak was the winner for January's new place to eat.  Located on the top level between Cheesecake Factory and Neiman's, we strolled in through the doors to our first "new to us" restaurant of 2013. 

We made reservations for Friday night and when we arrived, we were one of three tables with people there to eat.  This remained through the entire evening which was fantastic because it wasn't overly crowded and the noise level was perfect for conversation.  The atmosphere of the restaurant was very laid back with an attentive, interactive staff that was great at not rushing the night along.  The were very conversational and accommodated for Winston's stroller.

The food was an absolute treat for the tastebuds!  Benjamin has deemed the Houston Angus Burger his best burger of 2013 {so far!} and the smoked mac + cheese delighted!  Everyone gave praises for the meals they were eating and though we were all full from finishing every morsel on our plates, a S'mores bread pudding was ordered for the table.  As soon as the flavors of chocolate, marshmallow, vanilla and graham cracker hit my tastebuds, an "Oh, my goodness!" escaped from my lips... it was the best bread pudding I've ever eaten!  Confirmation came from around the table that indeed a wise dessert selection had been made.  

After the meal had ended and we were heading out, it was decided that the White Oak Kitchen would indeed be a place that we would frequent again!

....and we did!  Benjamin and I met our sweet friends the Armstrong's there when Jeremy was down for the marathon.  We met them on Saturday night and again there were only a few tables of people and the food definitely lived up to our very high expectations.  The kitchen also prepared for Jeremy a baked potato even though it was not on the menu.  A second successful evening!

For the combination of atmosphere, baby friendliness, taste of food, staff and consistency, we give White Oak Kitchen:
4.5 Stars

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