Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pert'near Close to Perfect

Y'all, this weekend has been pert'near close to perfect as you could get.  This was a weekend where we had little on the calendar.  A quiet{isn} weekend before an onslaught of planned weekends ahead. 

Saturday started off with the three of us at the table holding hands to say the blessing.  
Winston: "Dear Lord..."  
Benjamin: "Thank you so much for..."
Winston: "my mommy and daddy!"  
Heart melted.  Tears in eyes.  
Yes, today was going to be a good day!

The absolute number one thing on our agenda for Saturday was to take Winston's two year old pictures.  While we groaned a little about getting up early enough to make sure that the location would be free, we were certainly glad when we were up and att'em!  The pictures turned out better than I could have imagined and I can't wait to share them in a few days!  

Since we were in the area, we stopped at Empire Cafe for our second breakfast.  It was Winston's first time to really eat a meal of his own there and in true form, he chose a pancake.  He then proceeded to eat most of it and a ton of the strawberries from my Italian Toast.  I am thankful he is a good eater!
Then we stopped by Biscuit Home to take a gander at their Warehouse Sale and ended up coming home with a fantastic shelving piece for our bedroom!  Then we hightailed it back to Spring to do a quick change of clothes before heading out to a birthday part for two of WAC's classmates.  It was a wonderful day for an outdoor at the park party.
During nap time {and the Baylor game} I continued going through the scrapbooks my mom had made and kept for me.  It has been so neat to read letters and postcards from my Dad, see my artwork, look at old pictures and reflect on the early years of my life.  It's good for the soul to take time to appreciate the events and people who played a part in shaping and molding the person I am. 
Shortly after Winston woke up, we were playing trains when what to my wondering ears did I hear?  The ice-cream truck!!  I screamed with joy, told Benjamin to grab some cash and away I went out the front door to make sure they didn't drive away without us getting a tasty treat!  I love getting ice cream from an ice cream truck.  Love it!  It reminds me of summers when I was little and my Dad flagging down the truck so that we could share a treat.  I had been hearing the truck in the evenings but never was able to make it in time.  This day was different.  This day, we got a Batman ice-cream and a Jolly Rancher Bomb Pop!!
And let me tell you, we had the most fun that $5 worth of frozen treats can give two people!  By the end we were both sticky and full of delicious goodness!!  Just as we were going in to get cleaned up, Baylor was making a comeback and that made for a happy hubby!

The day ended with some Despicable Me, Winston to bed and relaxation time for Benjamin and I.

Sunday has been as equally great with a lovely time at church, lunch at Donald's and the continuation of decluttering that I started on Friday.  We have been in the house a year now and it's amazing how things can get ahead of you.  We are finally getting the downstairs bedroom presentable for guests and adding to our list of project ideas as we do!  

I just love weekends like these.  This one has been too good not to document it.  And although I have tons of half written posts and a list that I want to write, this seemed like the best way to jump back in.  I hope that you have had a wonderful weekend doing a least one thing that sets your heart a smiling!

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