Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Photography by WAC

You may know that our dear Winston has a love for our selfie stick.  He enjoys taking photos with our phones and even my big camera.  Because of the enjoyment that he gets out of taking pictures coupled with the arrival of Truman, we purchased Winston his very own camera and gave it to him as a Big Brother gift!  

I knew that I wanted a "real" camera for Winston.  The toddler cameras I looked at contained too many gimmicky things and I knew that he could handle it.  So we purchased him this Nikon CoolPix camera.  It is blue, it is waterproof, it is shockproof, and it has easy to use buttons!  

It is adorable how much he enjoys taking pictures!  Something will strike him and immediately he is off to find his camera and snap a few photos.  They are not always clear and there were a lot of finger shots in the beginning but he has learned where to put his fingers and says, "Say cheeeeeese!" before every click.  :)  For me, I love seeing what is important to him and what life looks like from his point of view.  

These are a handful from the first few days of him having his camera!  

Do your littles have a camera?  If so, what do they take photos of?  


  1. That's so great! I love that you got him his own camera and he took some really good pictures. They are of things he loves obviously. Cam likes to take pictures with my phone. Usually they are selfies. Ha ha!

  2. Oh how I love this! Great idea on getting him his own camera. Mason is always wanting to take pictures with my big camera and it makes me nervous! We may have to get him his own. Great shots your sweet boy got!


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