Tuesday, January 31, 2023

January 2023 Reads

The Three Lives of Alix St. Pierre by Natasha Lester

Oh my stars. Yes and yes for The Three Lives of Alix St. Pierre by Natasha Lester. Once I started this book, I could not put.it.down. The story captured my heart and imagination from the get go. Alix, Dior, the Madame's of Dior, Lillie, the Romaro siblings, Anthony, Esme - all of them characters that buried themselves in my brain. 

I appreciate a well done historical novel about WW2. The Three Lives does not disappoint. The clever way that Natasha weaves the story together creates a story that moves forward elegantly and seamlessly. As a reader, you experience the pain, frustration, joy, heartache and love between the characters. 

Highly recommend if you:

  • enjoy WW2 historical fiction with a dash of romance.
  • enjoy fashion and learning about the beginnings of fashion house Dior.
  • enjoy taking a journey with characters as they heal from past pain and open themselves up to new beginnings
  • enjoy a book that takes place in different countries
  • enjoy a book that is written in flashbacks
I want to throw this book a party because it was that good! 😍 When I read the dedication page, I knew I was in for a delightful romance reminiscent of those 90’s romcoms that I love so much!

The Reunion follows Liv and Ransom as they join back together for a reunion episode of the TV show they starred in as young adults.

I know it’s only January but I will boldly go on a limb and say this is a Top 5 RomCom reads or 2023 for me. ❤️😍

Read if you love:
❤️ nostalgia romcoms
❤️ a great plot and adorable characters
❤️ Interesting book chapters - there’s a delightful interlude between each chapter that adds a fun layer to the story
❤️ happily ever afters

Would I recommend to my mom? 100% yes! 🥳

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