Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bucket List

Benjamin and I have spent many hours in the car going back and forth to Houston over the years that we have lived here in Dallas.  During those times we would talk about things that we want to do, places we want to visit, and ideas that someday we hope to make a reality.

At the beginning of the new year, we purchased a small notebook that I can carry in my purse so that we could write these things down as they came to us.

Thus began our Bucket List notebook if you will.

We have two lists of sorts: one for Dallas and one for life.  We know that our time in Dallas is limited to either one more year or four more years (yes, I realize that's a big span of time!) so we wanted to make sure we did everything we wanted to before moving on.

So far we have marked two things off of this list: Arboretum and Allen Americans Game.  This summer we are doing a "stay-cation" for a long weekend and will do the 6th Floor Museum.  The others will have to wait for this fall!  I am uber pumped for Grape Stomping!

The one for life is up to three pages now and while most of them are places we want to visit, there are a few that are things we want to do as well: own a Corvette, pet Shamoo, horseback riding...  ya know, the usual.

This summer we are excited about marking two things off our Life List!  My grandfather is turning 80 so we are heading to the great Key Stone State to celebrate with family.  We are gonna fly into Cleveland to that we can go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1) and while we are at Camp we are going to drive to Punxsutawney (2) to see Phil and explore the town.

This has been something fun that Benjamin and I have enjoyed doing together and every time we think of something new, it's fun to be able to write it down...and who knows - perhaps one day even mark it off the list!

Do you have a bucket list?  What are some of the things on your wish list?  What do you enjoy doing that's unique to Dallas?

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  1. Dearest Codizzels....
    you must have on your bucket list of Dallas: Burgers at Twisted Root in Deep Elm; sunset at White Rock lake; Quatros Leches cake at La Duni; anything at Shakespere Dallas in Samuel Grand park - bring wine and a picnic; the State Fair; rodeo; plano balloon festival and Wildflower Art and Music festival - Richardson. Melinda Kincaid


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