Wednesday, March 6, 2019


The buddies and I are headed up north to visit family and we always like to have a little bit of a game plan before we arrive.  My mom and I like to have a mini grocery list made and one or two activities to do with the boys while we're there.

Slightly South of Simple by Kirsty Woodson Harvey

This week so far I have done little Amazon shopping: some new books for the buddies, another glasses holder for me.  I am on the look out for Easter things - basket items, outfits, egg fillers.  And more specifically today Truman and I are out for wrapping paper for boxes to collect peanut butter and jelly donations from the office!

..a packing list for our upcoming spring break trip! 😂
It's going to be a bit chilly so I have to be sure to remember things like gloves, warm socks, hats and scarves!

Cleaning out our Play-doh cart and doing The Laundry! 🎉

What is something that you are proud that you've accomplished this week?
Let me know so I can celebrate with you!

Today I'm linking up with Anne.


  1. I hope y'all have fun on Spring Break!

  2. Yay for spring break! We leave Saturday and I haven't even thought about packing. Safe travels!

  3. I like the way you capitalized The Laundry lol. It's neverending.

  4. Laundry feels like a never-ending task - but thinking of it as an accomplishment each time would totally make it feel more satisfying :) Thanks for joining in the linkup!

  5. I'm also reading Exodus right now! I truly don't think I've ever read the entire book until now.

  6. Slightly South of Simple sounds so good. I just added it to my Amazon cart. I'm ordering a few books to be shipped to my mom's house for when I visit next month. Thanks for the suggestion :)

  7. Ooh spring break trip, have fun! And you are so smart to start that Easter shopping now. It feels so far away but I know it will be here in no time!

  8. I hope you guys have an amazing spring break! Because of high school baseball spring break is non existent for us. womp womp . Hoping to at least enjoy the break from school and homework!


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