Thursday, May 13, 2010

Small Things...

This post is not necessarily about small things - but about James G. Smith and the small things he does to make The Pit a better place!

James is the sender of the daily "On This Day in History" email full of happy thoughts from the past.  When in conversation with James it's not rare for him to start talking in a Russian or Gay Cowboy accent.  He often sings to his's called his "Best Friend Jeff."

He's my best friend, Jeff
And you're always there
and your really fun....

James also has somewhat of an addiction.  A coffee addiction.  When asked if he would choose to save his fiance or coffee....his response was that would have to seriously think about it.  A week or so a go James purchased a coffee Thermos online.  He paid an extra $2 to get the larger Thermos.

Flash to Monday.

I am sitting in our conference room with my client for product training and this pops into my email.

On Wednesday James informed us that it takes 3 coffee pots to fill his Thermos.  That day he had filled it 3/4 of the way up and by the afternoon had consumed it all.

I really think it's time for an intervention....

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