Sunday, December 12, 2010

Traveling on a Budget + a Give-a-way!

One of the things I look forward to every month is my Budget Travel magazine.  I discovered Budget Travel quite a few years ago when I popped into a Target looking for something to read during my lunch break at work.  That first volume opened my eyes to Shady Dell Trailer Park in Bisbee, AZ as well as Marfa, TX and the mystery of the lights.

And those two things were enough to make me a fan for life!

The magazine has nifty tips from other readers like when you travel to other countries and accumulate a lot of change, donate it to a nearby church.  They often write up reviews on handy travel accessories or just things that are plain nifty.  Like the Roll-Upz, crazy light-weight shoes that roll up - convenient for quick shoe changes.  They also do a section called "room finder" which gives cheap but chic hotel options in a selected city.  From time to time they do a piece on stops you should make should you drive this particular route in this fun city and pieces about a city from the perspective of someone who lives there.  Two months ago the magazine had a write up on Dallas which inspired our Saturday adventure day.  It has great photos and in the back they have really great travel offers!

In conclusion, I love my Budget Travel magazine.  Sure, the website has most of this stuff on it if I were to look hard enough + more, but I just love getting fun things in the mail!

This magazine is for the person who loves to travel and who enjoys finding a good deal on hotels, rental cars, and adventures around town.

If you are that person, than this week is your week!  You have the opportunity to win a subscription to Budget Travel for one year!

Tell 'em how to enter Bob:

Simply leave a comment telling me what your favorite vacation was and why.

To get extra entries:
1 entry - be a follower of Crazy Cozad's and leave a comment telling me about it
1 entry each - post a link to this give-a-way on your blog or facebook page and leave a comment telling me you did it.

Ideally you could get up to 4 entries!

Deadline for all entries is Midnight CST, Friday December 17th.

Please enter a valid email address for notification purposes.

And if you are wondering - both Bisbee and Marfa are on the bucket list!


  1. That magazine sounds awesome!!! I love going to Gulf Shores, Alabama. My favorite place to stay is this little place called the Martinique. Its next to a beach reserve, so it feels like you are secluded on your own private beach. I could sit in the sand all day with my feet in the water reading books while applying SPF 80+ every so often. :)

  2. My favorite vacation spot is Panama City Beach, Florida. I love sitting on the beach in the sun in the white sand and looking at the gorgeous green water. I am also a follower of the Crazy Cozads blog and have posted a link to your giveaway on both my facebook page and our own blog:

    Hope you and Ben are having a good holiday season and good luck with your move to Houston!!

  3. One of my favorite vacations is Estes Park Colorado. My in-laws go every year during the summer. They rent a cabin at YMCA of the Rockies large enough for the whole family and friends. The whole week (or 2) is spent doing day hikes in the mountains to pristine mountain lakes where the fly fishing is great! I'm not a fisher, but I love laying on the shores of the lake with a good book while watching the family fish. Soooo relaxing!

  4. I also became a follower or your blog!


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