Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Derby 4 Life.

It's been decided.
If I can ever convince my husband to let me, I will try out for a roller derby team.

A few weeks ago, I googled roller derby Dallas and up pops all of the information for the Dallas Derby Devils.  To my delight, the season opener was only weeks away and $13 a person.  I squealed with glee, talked it over with Benjamin and then promptly sent an email to friends who I knew would not be able to resist the draw of roller derby!  Plans are made to meet that Saturday afternoon, drive to Rosa's for an early dinner and be at the Sportsplex when the doors open.  Bring camping chairs.

Fast forward to Saturday.  Our gang piles into two cars and sets our course to North Richland Hills where a missed exit proves to be advantageous due to the need of camping chairs and a new pair of shoes.  Once back on the road we arrive safely Rosa's, chow down and continue on our way to the Sportsplex.  

I don't think any of us were prepared for the abundance of cars that were overflowing from the parking lots into the streets and empty fields.  As we made our way up to will call, it was obvious that we were newcomers to world of roller derby as evidence in our clothing choices for the evening.  Within less than a minute of being inside, Andrew had already began shooting incognito photos of the folks around us.  Glances from within our group solidified that this was going to be fantastic night of people watching!

We traipsed to the far end of the gym, which smelled a mix of sweat, beer and mildew, set up our camping chairs and settled in for a night of brutal entertainment.  We were not disappointed!  The first bout was close with our motley crew being split in cheering for either the Assassination City Special Ops or the Dallas Derby Devils.  

With each jam, I grew more and more confident that I could did this roller derby thing.  I could be a jammer.  I'm quick.  I'm little.  I could bob and weave through the pack!  My determination to be a roller derby doll was shaken after hearing that one of the girls broke her leg in two places that night...  But hey, what's life without a little adventure, right?  
Thankful that these folks love an adventure as much as I do!
 Starting a Jam.
 Lapping the Pack
 Thems some scary women!
 Lady J, Jeff and Benjamin discussing strategy.
Sweet Val intense on the action!

 The place was packed out!

 Blairsy, Benjamin and I.

 Danny totally got into roller derby.  I think he will be a lifer...
 Andrew is gangsta...although I'm not sure I've ever known red-heads to be gangstas...
Sweet Echol Love!
Another successful outing with people I would take to Houston with me in my suitcases.  They give us reasons to come back to visit.  Them and Dallas Derby Devils, of course.  

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  1. One of my good friends from grad school who works at a public library in town plays for the Dallas Derby Devils Slaughterers! If you go again, you should totally cheer for her--her name is Marquel, A.K.A. Foxy Filipina


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