Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oh! Happy Day!

Weddings are such a lovely, splendid thing.  The excitement of the day is contagious, catching.  It spreads like one of those giggles that starts softly and then erupts into a flow of laughter that fills you from your head to your toes.  This is exactly how the day of my brother's wedding was.

For me, it started early.  Like 5:45 am early.  I was on Bride Transport duty.  I promptly picked up Salem and Brandi at 6:45 so that we could arrive on time for Salem's hair appointment.  She was dressed in a cute Juicy suit that matched her wedding colors and sweet silver sparkly Toms.  Brandi and I, in need of caffeine,  took a quick trip to Starbuck's after a little while and when we arrived back at the salon, Salem was almost ready...
Her veil attached, we loaded back into Blue Barry and headed to The Courtyard at St. James Place.  Upon getting out of the car we were greeted by Eric from Hoffland Studios.  Most of the photos from this post are his works.  Like this one.  Like we needed photographic evidence that I didn't have on a stitch of makeup that morning.  Like we needed reminding that I can't just "be normal" in front of a camera...  
Thank goodness the day wasn't about me.  Nope.  It was about her.  Sweet, precious, patient and beautiful Salem.
Her who decided to say yes and marry this guy.
Man, he cleans up well and looks so grown up.  So manly.  Too bad we'll always call him little Noahy J. Aways.  Even when he's 40 and has kids.  Even when he is 60 and has grandkids.  Even when he is 80 and has lost his hair.  He'll always be little Noahy J. 
 As girls normally do, we all had a fantastic time getting ready for the momentous occasion.  Salem has really sweet girls who have supported her through college.  From left to right we have Robin who is married to Noah's friend Elijah, Brandi who was Salem's room mate at UT Tyler, me and Sonja who completed the nursing program with Salem.  All three girls met at UT Tyler.  In all of the festivities, I could see that these ladies truly love Salem and were in favor of her marrying Noah.  The dress Salem chose for us is one that I could see wearing again.  I remember when she called to tell me about them she said, "And Sara, they have pockets!"  It's the little things like pockets and our love for quirky and colorful that we have in common and are few of the reasons I love her.
I also want to point out the mossy "J" in front of us.  My sweet, talented husband made that and my sweet, creative mother covered it.  If you would like one or two for your occasion or doorway, let me know and we'll work something out for you!
One of the neat things about Noah's wedding for me was the relationships between the groomsmen.  Let me introduce you to them first.  From left to right you have Shane, Brian, Elijah, Benjamin and Nate.  Elijah, Shane and Noah have all been friends since the 3rd grade.  I have seen these boys grow up through their awkward middle school years, their self-discovering high school years and then into college and beyond.  Nate arrived on the scene in high school.  Noah, Elijah and Nate all ventured off to UT Tyler while Shane went to Sam Houston.  Brian joined group in their Sophomore year and Benjmain, well, he's known all of them just as long as I have.  The neatest thing to me was that after all of these years they have all developed a love for one another that cannot be described as anything other than brotherly.  

While photos were being taken of the two of them, Mom snapped these of the cakes.  You know that you're Steelers fan when your groom's cake looks like this:
No.  It was not red velvet cake.  I think it was chocolate and coconut.  And it was amazing.  Props to Cakes by Gina.  Salem's Bride's cake was a white with lemon and was delectable.  Wedding cakes are scrumptious.
Cue the harpist.  Get in line.  Do one last lipstick check.  See the Grandparents and give them all hugs.  Get in line.  Bust an impromptu dance move.  Get back in line.  Hug and kiss Noah.  Get back in line.  Smile and walk.  The ceremony was just perfect.  Perfect for Noah and Salem.  It was unique to them.
They both wrote vows to each other.  Let me tell you I cannot remember the amount of times I had to bite my lips just to keep myself from loosing it.  These two people are perfect for each other.  God knew what he was doing when He blessed my brother and our family with Salem.
The reception was littered with a subtle bird theme.  The flower arrangements were all uniquely created some having nests in them.  The ice sculpture was a "J" with two love birds perched on it and their favors were Tyler Candles with nests and eggs on the top of them. 
Yup.  There they are.
In summation, Noah and Salem got hitched.  Every one that turned up had a fabulous time.  We busted dance grooves on the floor, Noah split his pants open during one of his moves.  Cake was smeared onto faces, toasts were given.  Flower petals showered the happy couple as they left for their hotel in a Rolls that had their names on the license plate.
To two of the greatest kids around:  It was an honor to be a part of your day.  Love both of you for ever.

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