Saturday, October 8, 2011

Brought to you by the Letter A.

Happy Fall, Dearest Reader!  

I'm not sure about where you are, but here in The Great State of Texas, fall has arrived!!  This week and part of the last we have been experiencing days of high 80's/low 90s and nights as cool as low 60s!  LOVE fall weather!

This change in weather has also brought about a change in me... a crafty change!  I have been re-inspired and now have dreams of grandeur for creating, repurposing and decorating things for others and our house.  After seeing an adorable idea for a Halloween wreath online and then again on my sister-in-law's front door, I decided to make one too.

It was quite easy to assemble.  Instead of glueing the tulle to the craft wreath, I simplified it a bit and tied the tulle around the wreath.  Once it was all said and done, I proudly showed Benjamin who then helped me hang it on the front door.

Here is my finished product:
Adorable, right?! And because I was so excited about it, I took this picture detailing my awesome handiwork...
I even texted it to my Mom to show her that yes, I can still be crafty too!  So there my wreath hung on my door excitedly waiting to greet visitors stating that indeed, the Cozad's lived here.  

Our first set of visitors arrived that very evening as we had a small gathering of folks over to play Rock Band in celebration of Benjamin's birthday.  The door bell rings and I hear laughter outside.  I think to myself, they must think my wreath is adorable too!  We open the door to the Bailey's who ask if I made the wreath myself.  "Yes, I did!," I proudly exclaimed.  
"Where's the 'a'?"
"The 'a'.  Your last name has an 'a' in it.  Where is it?"

Oh.My.Stars... I MISSPELLED MY LAST NAME!  My wreath was proclaiming not that the Cozad's lived here, but the COZD's did.  Who are the Cozd's?!  How do you even say that?!  In a fit of laughter with encouragement from the group now crowding around my front door, I decided the best thing to do would be to insert an impromptu 'a' in-between the 'z' and 'd'.  Cause that's where it goes.  That is where the 'a' should have been.  Well, in doing that the paint plopped out and it was just a disaster. A disaster!!  I could not believe that I had misspelled my last name, although to be fair, it's only been my last name for 4 years.  I even wrote it out in pencil before painting it on and thought, yup...that looks right.  Benjamin on the other hand didn't catch it either and it's been his last name for 28 years!! 

Thankfully, Benjamin has a garage full of tools a wood shop and he was able to sand off the first attempt so that I could erase the disaster and re-create.

Thank the Lord for friends who can spell and the high grade sanding tool that gave this girl another chance to add the 'a'.


  1. LOL. Love it! Hope y'all have a great Halloween if we don't see you before then!! :)

  2. Oh this made me laugh. And I feel so stupid because even after reading the title of the post I still didn't even notice the A missing in the wreath until you talked about it in your post!! Ha!!


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