Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Orange Show

When doing my research to visit the Art Car Museum and Beer Can House I learned that there was yet another artsy gem to be explored in Houston: The Orange Show.  It was created by a man named Jeff McKissack.  In Jeff's mind, The Orange Show, when he was complete with it, was going to be the next Disney World.  Unfortunately for him, those aspirations were never seen.  

On a Saturday afternoon Benjamin and I ventured out to see what The Orange Show had to offer and we were highly amused by what we witnessed.  I would like to go on the record saying that I'm fairly sure Jeff had major delusions of grandeur.  However, those delusions made for an entertaining stop to an eclectic place in Houston for us!
 {Yes, Benjamin did decide to wear his orange shorts in honor of visiting The Orange Show!}
 For some reason, Jeff was a little too keen on clowns for my liking...
Well, that in a nut shell of a few pictures is The Orange Show my friends.  I did refrain from taking pictures in what I will refer to as the Strange Room of Random Stuff.  I wouldn't want to spoil everything for you in the case that you'd like to pay the $1 per person, head down off of 45 South and experience the greatness of The Orange Show for yourself!

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