Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baby Cuteness

I was looking back at some baby photos of Benjamin and I this evening.  And the cuteness that spews from the both of us back at that young age is just too adorable to not share...
This is one of my all time favorite photos of me.  And here's why:
1.  Who doesn't love an adorable dress with ruffled socks and black Patton leather shoes?  My momma dressed me well folks.  
2.  The Gerber curl on the top of my head.  It was my signature look for years.  
3.  The excited face and massive smile.  Almost every photo that I have looked at, I have that same expression.  The parents say I was always a happy kid... here's proof.
4.  The grip I have on my poor doll's head... combined with the crazy* (*see excited in the comment above!) eyes!
Plus I have some really great memories of Noah making me laugh so hard until I was crying with his commentary about this photo.  It was stellar...wish y'all could have been there.
This is one of my favorites of Benjamin and here is why:
1.  Again with the snazzy socks and adorable shoes... and a BOW TIE!  With Benjamin's sense of style, we were destined to be together!  No it's true, when we get ready to go out on the town, he chooses his outfits so that we won't clash!
2.  How sweet is she precious expression?  I just want to pinch his little cheeks!
3.  The way he sweetly is loving on Toby Rabbit just melts my heart.  The cool thing is Toby still makes an appearance every Easter.

I won't overshare, but here are two that I hope just make you smile a little, if not laugh a little.  Go ahead, we give you permission.

Here's to hoping that Winston turns out the perfect blend of classy and crazy!

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