Saturday, September 1, 2012

Houston Restaurant Week 2012

My dad has said before that you could eat out every day in Houston and never eat at the same restaurant twice.  True fact.  There are over 5,000 options in Houston covering every genre of food known to man.  One thing that my parents taught my brother and I was an appreciation for trying new places to eat and types of food as well.  

That's what I love about Houston Restaurant Weeks.  It's a great way to try new places and give back to the community because $5 of each dinner sold is donated to the Houston Food Bank.  Plus you get to eat some yummy grub in the meantime!  If you didn't get a chance to participate this year, make sure to mark your calendars for next August!!  If you live in the Dallas area - they also have this same opportunity benefiting the North Texas Food Bank.

We tried quite a few new places this year.

Del Frisco's is located in the Galleria mall by Cheesecake Factory.  For as many times as I have been to the Galleria, I had really never noticed Del Frisco's being there.  But thanks to the Bailey's and HRW, we ventured someplace new and found it delicious!  I love a good steak.  And yes, I love my steak well done.  I know, I know - somewhere someone is reading this and gasped a little bit thinking, "For shame."  My philosophy is that if a place can cook my steak well done without burning it - then it's a worthwhile place.  And Del Frisco's made that cut!  We also tried their jalepeno bacon macaroni and cheese - delicious!  It's one of the things that they are "known" for and it did not disappoint!  Together with the company, the whole dining experience was delightful!

Since Benjamin and I had never been to Pappas Brothers Steakhouse, we decided to give it a go.  While the steak was again, cooked to my liking and very flavorful with the mushroom glaze on the top, Benjamin and I both agreed that it wasn't a place that would likely replace any of our other favorite steakhouse establishments as there wasn't anything overly "wowing" about the atmosphere or the food. Still, a good evening with friends!  

Our executive pastor at The Heights in Dallas always talked about how Prego in Houston was his favorite Italian restaurant of all time.  Seeing it on the HRW list as an option, we decided to go for it and Benjamin's parents joined us for the experience.  The ambiance was delightful with live music and an intimate setting.  The food was indeed delectable as I ate the Pollo Parmigiano and it was hands down the best chicken parmesan I have ever eaten!  And for Benjamin to agree - that's saying something!  The sides were just as amazing and their tiramisu was heavenly!  Definitely a place to return to!

Last year at HRW, Salem asked me to go try a new place with her and agreeing, we ventured out to Haven.  This year, we went back as a sister tradition and enjoyed yet another delicious menu from the chefs at Haven.  Their salads have never disappointed as the flavors they put together are quite robust.  Salem ordered the soup and was quite pleased with it as well.  Our main dishes were also quite yummy and so I anticipate our going back next year for Round 3!

For Benjamin and I, going out to eat and trying new restaurants is just as much about having a fun night out to spend with the people we love as it is trying new dishes and seeing if there are new places that we might want to call a favorite.  For us it's about the conversations had and the memories made.  

Did you participate in Restaurant Week?  And if so, where did you go and what did you think?


  1. We are big fans of restaurant week! We did three different restaurants this year. Its such a bargain for the price!

  2. Our last restaurant week was the year before Naomi was born and we loved it. Very fun! Someday again, but for now...

    And yes, I gasped at the well-done steak. For me, anything beyond medium is burnt and I really prefer mid-rare. Though, I will agree, if a place can do it well without burning it, it does say a lot.



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