Saturday, September 22, 2012

Whimsy Woodsy for Winston!

Weeks back I mentioned that our nursery theme was what is proudly displayed above: Whimsy Woodsy for Winston!  Without further ado, here is the final product!
This is the crib side of the room and I adore everything about it!  I knew from early on that I wanted the colors to be grey, orange and green.  Can I just tell you how hard it was to find a grey crib?  But we were successful and are pleased with it and the other matching accessories.  Excuse the empty grey frame, it is a PIP {Project in Progress} and will, fingers crossed, be finished before he arrives.  The lamp in the left corner was a DIY combined effort between Benjamin and myself complete with a foot pedal for easy on and off.  The hollow log is indeed a hollowed out tree from Hungary that Mom and I found on our girls weekend to Dallas.  It will serve as a catch all for toys, pillows and our Boppy.  We also found the bedding on that trip at a sweet store called Baby Bliss.  And to round it out, a little boy's woodsy room just needed a bear rug!  I can't wait to take pictures of Winston curled up on his rug as he grows!  Our pebble rug completes the floor and is super soft.  Lulu has claimed it as her favorite thing in the room!
The window treatment was another DIY where Benjamin and I combined our powers and I'm pleased with the way it adds a finishing touch above the changing station.  Lots of dirty diapers to be changed here while trying to avoid the "streams" that may come flowing!
Our little rocking corner complete with the wisbone rocker and a comfy blanket to curl up in!
The theme is present on every wall, especially the one that has the bright orange deer with antlers mounted to it!  Another DIY along with the little sign for Winston's routine, encouraging him to be amazing!

We are pretty tickled with the way that everything turned out and fits with our original theme.  A huge thanks goes Mom for going on shopping excursions with me and to Hubby for being so willing and eager to help create what was needed to fill in the gaps!  

Now all we need is a Winston...


  1. Luv the room - great job!! I am sure Winston will too. Very creative - wouldn't expect anything less! One question, though - what is a Boppy?? Luv ya, Aunt Lisa/xoxo/♥♥♥♥

  2. Precious! You did a great job and I know Winston will just love his little Whimsy Woodsy Woom!!

  3. Perfect. It really has the spirit of both of you. You guys did a great job. Winston will love it.

  4. Seera, his room couldn't BE more awesome! Can't wait for Winston to arrive and enjoy it with y'all!

  5. What a sweet theme that truly fits both of your whimsy characters! I think it is absolutely perfect:) Cute ideas!

  6. This room is SO cute! I love it :) Great job!

  7. So so fun!!! He's gonna love it! Good luck to you these last few weeks! Can't wait to see pictures when he arrives :)

  8. What a precious room for your little man!! Y'all did so good with everything :) now you just need a little Winston in it!! :)


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