Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bump It: Week 40

It's official!  We made it to Week 40!  Little Winston is currently two days away from his estimated arrival window.  We were told that it was somewhere between October 9th and October 12th, so really any day now he could make his debut.  And I can now say with confidence, we are ready!

The night before our last doctor appointment we did a double check on the overnight bags incase we needed to go straight to the hospital after the check up.  We had to mentally prepare ourselves for the possibility that he was going to be a big baby and that there would be decisions to make.  However, thank the Lord, that was not the case!  Everything was looking great and we made a follow up appointment for the next week.  On one hand, I was ready to meet Winston - ready to welcome him into the world and smother him with kisses!  On the other hand, I was apprehensive and still wanting a few days to keep life as it was.  When we heard that we could keep waiting for him to choose his own day of arrival, I was muddled and full of emotions on the inside.  I found myself a little disappointed that I'd have to wait to meet him, but excited to take advantage of the the days without him.  Over the past few days, Benjamin and I have been maximizing our time with each other doing the things that we love to do.  I find myself storing these times away even more than before.  I can't put into words how thankful I am to have Benjamin as my partner in this life. 

The past five weeks we finished the nursery, celebrated Benjamin's birthday and enjoyed a few concerts.  I have continued to work, in fact I took on a new job opportunity and have moved to a new group and a new floor.  It was an expected change that I took quite a while to consider and I am thankful for!

Since I know that Winston should be here any day, I don't want to purchase any more maternity clothes.  On Friday I didn't want to wear a dress and didn't feel like leggings so my eyes drifted to Benjamin's side of the closet and landed on his jeans.  The first few pair I tried wouldn't fit over my hips!  Darn me and my persistence to get him to wear straight leg jeans!  Then, at the bottom of the pile, there was a pair that was wide legged and success! they fit!!  I sent him a text telling him I was borrowing his pants and when I saw him that night at dinner he said, "I just never thought I'd see the day!"

There is such a comfort in knowing that Winston has a time and a day when he will arrive into our family.  Although I'd love to know when that day and time is, I am trusting in the Lord for his perfect timing as He has proven over and over that His ways are indeed the best.  
Benjamin, Lulu and I are excitedly waiting the arrival of our little dude!  C'mon Winston Ace!


  1. You look adorable!! I can't believe the time is here already; I know y'all are just thrilled to pieces to meet him. Praying for a safe, smooth delivery and your sweet time as a new family of three :) can't wait to see him!!

  2. you still look great! I pray you have a smooth delivery and can't wait to see your sweet little boy! There's nothing like seeing and holding and kissing your baby for the first time! Be sure to get lots of pictures :)

  3. Congrats Sara - excited to hear how his debut goes and see pics!

  4. I can't believe it's alredy time for little Winston's arrival. It seems like just yesterday you announced you were pregnant. Maybe not for you, though! Excited for you guys to start the amazing journey of parenthood!!


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