Friday, October 19, 2012

The People I Love

Winston wanted to us to share some photos of him with some of the people he loves that have been able to visit him while he is still here at the hospital.  He is all set to go home tomorrow and is looking forward to meeting his furry big sister and seeing his room.
Dharma and PJ
Grancy and Grandy
Aunt Sam and....Uncle Ben?

Unke Noah
 Auntie Salem
 The Baileys
Winston has already figured out how to work the camera....
 ....which apparently Sara is still figuring out!
Never mind, she's got it!
Us and our little pasty burrito
Only three days old and already holding his own pacifier. Even when he is tired this kid still has mad skills!


  1. Haha Ben B. looks a little different than the last time we saw him. I guess that's the face of a proud uncle.

  2. I LOVE how excited Grancy and Grandy are!! These are great. Congratulations on your beautiful Winston. He's perfect! I hope you're adjusting well to mommy-hood. You look fantastic!

  3. Love seeing all the pictures. Glad you get to take him home soon. He is so precious! So happy that you are all doing well. Love you and miss all of you!


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