Monday, November 19, 2012

Hand {and Foot!} Made Turkey

Little baby hands and feet are just too cute for words!  Since this was Winston's first Thanksgiving, I got a creative|crafty hair and decided to make cards for the family.  I knew I had made turkeys out of my hands when I was little and thought it would be a good thing to do with Winston's small hands.  So together with Benjamin and our magical Silhouette, Winston "made" his first craft!

What you'll need:
colored construction paper
googly eyes
red puff paint
orange puff paint
5 x 7 note cards

To start, we traced Winston's hand and a socked foot onto a blank sheet of paper.  Benjamin then scanned them into the computer and imported them into the Silhouette software.  We then let the Silhouette do all of the cutting of the little feet and fingers.  This was much easier than me cutting them out by hand with scissors!
Then I took the body and added two googly eyes so that our little turkey could see!  A beak was created by cutting a small triangle from orange paper and glued under the eyes.  Then with the red puff paint, I drew the gobbler.
To make Turkey Lurkey pop, I put a bright piece of construction paper beneath the hands on the blank card.  Using four different colored hands, I glued them to the green paper creating the feathers.  Then I glued the body on top of the hands and voila! a little turkey is formed!
There was something missing as I looked at the little guy and after staring at it for a few minutes it hit me... LEGS!  With the orange puff paint, I gave Turkey Lurkey some legs and wrote a greeting above his head.
The inside of the card read this:
This little turkey made with Winston's hands and feet
wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving full of love and lots to eat!
And because this was made on a 5x7, it also fit nicely into a frame for a great keepsake to put out year after year!

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