Sunday, December 30, 2012


Twelve twelve twelve.  A day that would sure to be magical!  That morning, I was greeted with sweet coos coming through the monitor and found such a happy baby in the crib!
Winston has been a really great sleeper and I'm always excited to see his sweet face so I can greet him with a kiss and song.  Lulu is always quite close behind me to see our little guy and is quick to curl up in her bed.  And yes, her bed is a moose!  She needed to have a bed that matched the decor properly!
Winston has consistently been a very good natured baby - he is super laid back and very responsive to smiles, learning that they are the sure way to win people's hearts!
After I got him ready for the day, I set him in his Boppy so that I could do a check on the diaper bag and when I came back, I saw this:
The little monkey had spit out his passie in exchange for a thumb!  When I told Benjamin and showed him the pictures later that night, he said that a thumb was better than sucking fingers and that Winston could enjoy that thumb until he was 4!  
And this just had to be shared because Lulu was smiling at the camera!  She's such a proud fur-mama!

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