Sunday, January 6, 2013

GAPTAP: Daycare

Dear Friends,
Tomorrow is the day that I return to work, Benjamin back to clinic and Winton starts a new adventure at daycare.  We did a dry run on Friday only leaving him for a few hours and Winston did fantastic!  He charmed the ladies and when we walked in to get him he was fast asleep with a full belly.  Benjamin and I were another story - we did well while we were inside, but once in the car we allowed ourselves a time to be emotional.  Then we set forth to keep our minds busy with a list of errands, finished up still alive and were super excited to pick up Lovebug.

How are we feeling, did I hear you ask?  Okay - I mean, taking him to daycare is better than leaving him at home with Lulu!  I mean, we know she loves him but the lack of opposable thumbs and only being one foot off of the ground is a little limiting for childcare!  We are trying to focus on being thankful for the weeks off that we were afforded to have, for the fantastic job that I am able to return to along with the wonderful people I work with, and for the facility and people who will be loving on Winston.  And like most everything, I am sure that the days will fly by!

So here's my question:  
Did you take a week's worth of clothes to daycare or day by day take the outfits you wanted them to change him into?

I know that we'll get into a routine of what works for us and the sweet ladies taking care of him, but I was just curious!


  1. At that age & since Meg was a spit up queen, there were always 4-5 extra sets of clothes in her cubby. I bought plain white onesies for daycare backup. That way when I picked her up I knew something had happened - they don't always tell you. I did that up to 15 months then I backed off to 2 sets of clothes. She needs them about 1x/wk now.

  2. Im praying for you, friend. I remember vividly the first time I dropped off Bryson at school. It didn't phase him in the least, but it sure did shake me up. Someone once told me that dropping your baby off at school never gets 'easy' but after a while, it does become 'normal'. It is true, and it will get more 'normal' as time goes on :)

    Bryson didn't actually go to daycare until he was 8 months old, but even then, we brought at least a weeks supply worth of clothes every Monday. Sometimes he never had to change clothes and had clothes left over for the next week, and sometimes he drooled/pooped/peed so much that we would have to restock the next day. I would go with a weeks worth :)

    Praying for an easy morning for you tomorrow. Oh, also, B's school was really good about me calling and asking about his day and they would give me all the updates so you might want to do that if you get lonely. Also, it's easier said than done, but try to stay as busy as you can at work the first week...but know that it's perfectly acceptable to go in the bathroom and let out a few tears :)

  3. Praying for you. Caroline started daycare yesterday. Ah...I love those little ones to bits. Andrew runs to his room and waves bye...and Caroline gives me big smiles. Anyway, Caroline isn't a huge spitter so I take a couple of extra outfits and then change them out as needed. Andrew was a huge spitter as an infant (still regularly vomits for no reason) so I made sure that the daycare had almost a whole wardrobe for him. Seriously, he would need changed about as often as he ate...even if you used a bib.

    On a side note, Caroline didn't need to be changed at all yesterday. And both of my kids are up and at em early so they are dressed well before daycare. The whole Ratliff household was up by 5:30 this morning. Crazy.


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