Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Winston meets Santa!

Right before the calendar flipped to December, Winston had his first encounter with Santa and it was fabulous!  My mom had been shopping at Market Street when she saw they were preparing to open Santa's Workshop.  Days later she and I walked by to see what hours Santa would be taking visitors and made plans for Winston to visit.  They had a great backdrop with live Christmas Trees and festive decorations!  An added bonus was that it was located outside of the mall and we were certain that it wouldn't be as hectic.  Benjamin's only question was "Does Santa look like the real Santa?" and all I could say was, "Wait until you see him!"

The big day came and we dressed Winston appropriately for his first meeting with the man in the red suit!  When we arrived, we were the only people in the store and Santa was more than thrilled to meet Winston and give him plenty of cuddles!  Winston was such a sweetie and even smiled for the camera!
Doesn't he look like a little Keebler elf sitting there on Santa's lap?!  I just love his grin and how his little hat looks!  I think he looks quite dapper all dressed to match Santa, if I do say so myself!  And yes, Benjamin was impressed with our little Love Bug and was convinced that Winston met the real Santa!
While Winston was chilled out on Santa's lap we listened to Santa tell stories of Christmases past. It was a fabulous experience with Santa and his photo elf!  There's something quite magical about taking your kiddo to meet Santa for the first time and I'm glad that I have now joined the club.  I am looking forward to next year when he'll be more aware of the magic of Christmas.
But for this year, I will soak up and enjoy our first Christmas with this tiny human and how adorable he is!
After meeting Santa, we ventured into the courtyard so that Winston could take in the largest Christmas tree he'd ever seen in his new life!  It has been so fun to start sharing my love for Christmas with Winston and this is just the beginning!
 Me and my sweet elf!
Tuckered out from an exciting morning with Santa!


  1. How adorable if he!? I love it!!
    And, you look great!! :)

  2. I LOVE his little outfit!!! And this is a GREAT Santa!!! :) I'm always concerned about what the Santa looks like as well...


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