Sunday, February 16, 2014

DIY: Valentines that are {Star}Bursting!

Knowing that Valentine's Day was around the corner, Benjamin asked me to start thinking about something little he could do for the girls at the office.  A token of appreciation for jobs well done!  When thinking about doing something for the ladies, we had a few things to keep in mind: we needed gifts for 18 and we didn't want it to be too mushy.  

I set out to the best source for ideas: Pinterest.  I found a list of over 100 things to do for Valentine's day and started rattling off my favorites to Benjamin, tweaking them here or there to make them office appropriate.  The winner for this year's Valentine was.... Bursting with joy that you're part of the team!  
To make this Valentine (for 18 people!), we purchased the following:
6 bags of Starbursts
1 pack of large cello bags
4 spools Valentines Day ribbon
We used cardstock that we already had at home.

Benjamin divided the Starbursts up into the bags
Then using the starburst form in PhotoShop and our our Silhouette, the tags were created!  I then tied the bows and voila!  A cute token of appreciation bursting with flavor!
These would also make adorable Teacher Appreciation gifts or Just Because gifts for neighbors, students, family, friends, co-workers... the list goes on and one!

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