Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's the day to celebrate love!  
These days we love spending as much time as we can with this little cheeser!
He brings joy and light to our life!  His facial expressions and personality are so comical.  He is a precious tiny human!
 Who LOVES Hershey Kisses!  
Who ate about 4 of them during the time it took us to take these photos.  You just think he's being sweet to give me the kiss...however he is asking for it to be unwrapped so he can enjoy the chocolatey goodness!  He is a chocolate lover!  
 Just like his mama.
We wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day from our family to yours!

Outfit: Gap Kids

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  1. Seriously could he be more adorable! Love this little Valentine's photo session:)


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