Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pumpkin Decorating: Cheeseburger!

Benjamin came home from work one afternoon early in September declaring that we needed to start thinking of a pumpkin decorating idea because the office has a contest each year and it is highly competitive!  Amidst everything else we had going on we added this to our list started brainstorming.  Benjamin had a few ideas that, if done well, would have been super cool, but they were quite time intensive.  Since this was happening in the middle of closing, packing and moving, the design needed to be something fairly simple.

We have a running joke with Luke and Kala that the only thing Benjamin eats when we are on trips with them is hamburger and fries!  ...And it really is true.  He eats a hamburger in every city we visit.  On top of that - his first job was at Micky D's and the man cannot pass up a good cheeseburger and extra crispy fries!  

Enter the pumpkin idea for 2013: Cheeseburger!

We took one of those foam pumpkins that you can find at any hobby store and sliced it in two.  This made our two buns.  To make the top piece look more like a burger bun, I hot glued pumpkin seeds all over.  To create cheese, we purchased yellow Fimo clay, rolled it out and cut it into cheese squares.  Funnily enough I had placemats that look like very large pieces of lettuce, so one was donated to the cause.

Fries were also created out of Fimo clay with the thoughts of getting a McDonald's fry container to put them in.

It took two buckets of the Crayola air dry clay to create the hamburger patty!  After a full day it was still damp, so we put it in the oven on low heat to dry it out a little bit.  Then Benjamin spray painted it brown.
Once the paint dried, we put assembled the burger and ....TA DA!  A cheeseburger!
A really, really BIG burger!
Benjamin loaded the burger and fries into his car and toted it to the office.  On his way, he was able to secure a McDonald's tray, large drink cup, and a fry container.  I was eagerly waiting to see the final product when I got this text...
Amazing right?!  
I can tell you that... "ba da ba da daaa, I'm lovin' it!"


  1. Seriously the COOLEST pumpkin I have ever seen! What a fantastic idea:)

  2. SO creative! What are the french fries made out of?

  3. Nevermind...I missed it the first time I read this somehow! I see now.


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