Wednesday, April 30, 2014

From Drab to Fab

One thing that I really like about our home is that the walls are really big.  The large walls give the house an openness that we really enjoy.  I have come to learn that big walls need big decorations!  We have this the large wall up the stairs that is the first thing you see when you walk into our home.
We knew we wanted something bright that made a statement.  I have always like the look of the photo walls and so one afternoon, Benjamin and I tackled the hanging of photos on our stairway.  We started off without our 15ft ladder and then realized that for the safety reasons, we were going to need it!  
As much as I'd like to tell you that we cut out paper forms, and hung them on the wall and then moved them to fit accordingly like you see some how-to's tell you... We started with our favorite, put it somewhere mid-wall and did the "Yeah! That looks great there, just move it a little to the right" method.  :)
The faux taxidermy head collection started with the T-rex who we have named Tyron.  He was a very green dinosaur color when he arrived.  He looks much more fabulous in gold!  When trying to decide where to put him, my mom mentioned that space between the window and the wall might be a good home and that we should think about getting Tyron some buddies.  That spurred the purchase of the walrus and the shark!  The walrus was all white when he arrived, and we really wanted him to pop.  Benjamin and I both agreed that he would look dapper in a raspberry color.  We are really quite pleased with how the three of them look together!  Winston has enjoyed staring at these each time we come down the stairs.  He already has the dinosaur roar down and we are working on the walrus sound of "coo coo ca choo!" 

As a side note: We purchased the walrus from ModCloth and the first one that arrived was damaged.  I called as soon as I opened it and the customer service representative apologized, provided a free return shipping label so that they could examine the packaging and sent out a new one overnight with special handling in the warehouse!  Thanks, ModCloth; Y'all rock!
This is the view from the top of our stairs.  Every morning when Winston goes down to eat breakfast he has a routine of looking at every picture and saying who is in them.  It really makes the value of this wall increase by 10 fold!  

Choosing photos to be on this wall was challenging because we have so many that we love.  In the end we are quite happy with our selections and are excited that we still have room to grow the wall!
Most of our frames came from Hobby Lobby.  We have a few that are not framed and the one of Winston's birthday is actually printed on metal.  Our framed wedding invitation along with our favorite engagement photos proudly hang on the wall.  We have two favorites from our family photos in Aberdeen along with some Andy Warhol prints.  

Benjamin and I are tickled with the turnout of The Wall as it is a happy reminder of how fantastic life is.  It is a colorful conglomerate of everything that makes us smile!  And how could you not smile with colorful taxidermy welcoming you into our home!  
Taxidermy heads can be found:


  1. Love, love, love! Want to come over and do mine? The colors are perfect and I just love the animal heads and your light fixture! I think we need a full home tour :)

    1. Haha! Sure! You just let me know when you're ready! The house is still a work in progress - slowly we'll get there!


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