Wednesday, August 27, 2014

House a Home: Craft Room Dot Wall

In our house, we opted for the "Playroom Addition" floor plan because we knew that it would be nice to have a space where I could store supplies, wrapping paper and get crafty with the kiddos!  In searching for inspiration on how to decorate this room, I came across Oh Happy Day's Dot Wall.  I was smitten and knew that I wanted one of the walls in the room to be a happy rainbow of dots!

Oh Happy Day used potatoes and acrylic paints for their wall.  We decided to stencil circles and made a trip to the Home Depot paint aisle for ours.
We purchased sample sizes of 14 different colors and added a copper, silver and gold to the mix!  We even bought a new Filbert camelhair paintbrush for the occasion! (the Filbert style brush is helpful in keeping your sanity as you paint lots and lots of circles)  

After selecting a circle that was three inches in diameter from my stash of circular containers in the kitchen, Benjamin figured that we needed to leave three inches between each circle on the wall, giving us 11 rows of 14 dots!  That totaled 154 dots for me to paint!  

Knowing that we were going to use a chalk line to keep all of the dots straight, Benjamin measured and marked the walls so we would know where to make the lines.  Pulling and holding the chalk line straight is a job that requires two people.  Where the lines intersected, we centered the circle and traced lightly around it.   For the chalk line we used violet marking chalk and it wiped off of the wall with a damp rag.  I was so excited to get starting, I cracked open the first color and was quickly on my way!
You can kinda sorta see the grid and circles if you look really closely.
That night, I knocked out two colors and dreamt about colored dots for the remainder of the night! 
The second best thing about this project (with the first being it was going to create a wall of happiness!) was that it was the perfect activity for nap times.  It took me about twenty minutes to paint one color.  I started out doing ten dots of each color randomly across the wall knowing that I was working with about seventeen different colors.  
After each color was added to the wall I would get more and more excited with how it was turning out!  I would try to paint at least two if not three colors during a nap time.
I squealed with joy when the last dot was painted!  Winston enjoys telling me the colors as he points to them and it really gives the space the pop of color I wanted.  It truly is a happy place to be!

Supplies Needed for This Project
Circular stencil (or potato!)
Tape measure
Chalk line reel 
Dust-a-way chalk {purple}
Paint {Acrylic or semi-gloss enamel}
Paint brushes {Filbert style is best)
Drop cloth {if you're a messy painter!}
Step stool

Cost of this project:
Between $50 and $100!

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