Wednesday, August 6, 2014

To See the Animals!

When the summer started, Benjamin and I scheduled a visit to the Houston zoo for a Member's Morning in the month of August.  We wanted to make sure that we had a family zoo trip and I was eager to see the new bug exhibit!  I woke up bright and early at 6:00 to get ready, make sure our mini-cooler was packed, woke up Winston at 6:45 so that we could eat breakfast and talk about what animals we were going to see.  We were in the Zoo parked and in line with all of the other early risers at 8 AM ready for the gates to open!  
We got into the zoo and as people scattered here and there, it was relatively empty giving us lots of room to wheel buddy around and for us to get right up next to the animals.  We left Winston steer us around to the animals that he wanted to see.  
Our first stop was at the oversized ladybugs near the entrance.  As you can see by my own little Bug's face, he was still suffering from, "I can't believe she's asking me to smile before my second breakfast!" face.  
After a walk to the elephant house to help them wake up, we headed around the corner to see the dragon.  Winston was quite taken watching intently, pointing and saying, "Dragon!" 

Our next stop was the lions.  When we arrived, Jonathan the lion was fast asleep on his back with all four legs in the air.  We were able to see him wake up, shake his mane and greet the morning with a growl! 
The bears cubs were out in full force playing with their ice blocks, frolicking up and down their habitat.  
Winston loves the giraffes and was in awe as we saw them come out of their house into the great outdoors!  The weather was an absolutely perfect day for being outside animal watching.  It was slightly overcast with a slight breeze and the sun popping out every once in a while to say hello!
Winston's buddy Elmo was along for our adventure.  He stayed buckled in the wagon when it was moving and he was front row looking at the animals.  We hardly go anywhere without Elmo these days.  He rides in the car, goes to the grocery store, helps cook lunch, colors...does everything short of taking baths!  Elmo has become quite the companion for Buddy on this daily to and fros.    

Also, we absolutely love our Radio Flyer Wagon.  It was a fantastic purchase and has been the best thing for our zoo visits!  We got the supped up version with seat covers, a canopy and the bag on the back.  It comes with cup holders and the seats can be configured into a little table!  The bag that is attached to the back holds an incredible amount of stuff: Winston's bag, a mini-cooler, my purse and the camera.  We have also used it on walks in the neighborhood and to go to the park.  If you have little ones, its a must have!
After spending time wheeling through the chimpanzee and rhino habitats, we bee-lined it to the bug exhibit!  They had larger than life sized animatronic bugs scattered along a path.  Huge spiders, bees, scorpions, ants and dragonflies all moving their heads or wings or tails!  I love fireflies, or lightening bugs!  Capturing them in jars while visiting my grandparents growing up is one of my favorite memories.  What I did learn is that they are actually part of the beetle family!  Who knew?!  Of course I had to get a picture of the two guys who light up my life by the lightening bug!  :)
I seriously love these two.  My husband is precious and here is why: Benjamin saw what I had Winston dressed in for the day and then chose his outfit to compliment WAC's.  How adorable is that?!  They have the sweetest conversations together.  They play hard outside and in the bathtub.  Benjamin takes time to teach Winston to say thank you to me for cooking dinner and to be gentle to Lulu.  They both love Legos and to hear them whispering to each other while Benjamin rocks Winston before bedtime is good for the soul.    
My little guy is growing up...and fast!  He is already a master at giving me the "C'mon Mommy...really?!" look.  He has a true sense of humor, a great laugh and an insatiable appetite for goldfish!  He goes full on all day and crashes hard for nap time.  He is passionate, persistent and loves painting.  He is a great hugger and will give this Mama as many kisses as she can take!  He is my buddy and I can't imagine my days without him.  His little voice fills my every moment that he is awake and I am always eager to hear it again when the day is new!
Our last stop was back to the elephant habitat.  Winston was enamored by them.  His eyes were glued to their every movement.  He kept saying, "Elephant!" and making elephant noises.  Each trip to the zoo has been enjoyable, but this one was more fun because Winston picked which animals he wanted to see next and would get so excited to see them once we arrived!  It makes me look forward to the next visit!

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