Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Go Texan Day!

It's Rodeo time here in Houston.  Which translates to the first Friday of Rodeo season being Go Texan Day!  Most everyone around here dresses up in their best western get-ups and goes proudly about their day.  You see folks dressed up in their fancy pearl snap shirts, best Wranglers and their favorite books.  There are large buckles, the occasional bolo tie and hats.  Lots and lots of cowboy hats.

Our family is quite the anomaly.  The only person who even owns cowboy boots is Winston and he grew out of them so he couldn't even wear them on Go Texan Day!  Three days before Go Texan Day, Benjamin purchased a pearl snap shirt off of Amazon since the office dresses up for it most every year!  

Winston's school brought in a petting zoo in conjunction with Go Texan Day.  The day was super cold but it did not dampen the excitement of the kiddos in his class!  Not a single one of them was frightened of the animals.  They all enjoyed chasing them into a corner so that they could pet or brush them.
I promise there is a western shirt beneath that jacket!  
After hanging out with the kiddos, I had lunch with Benjamin and the girls from the office.  They were all dressed in their support of Go Texan Day as well!
It is a rare occasion that Benjamin and I get pictures taken together but on this day, we made it happen.  I mean, how could I pass up the chance to get a picture with my man in pearl snaps?
And that's it folks.  That is about as Texan as we get.  Well, dressed that is.  Benjamin was born in this great state and lived here most of his life {sans a few years he was in Atlanta}.  It wasn't until I was four that we moved in Houston, but it has been home for most of my life after that {sans a few years we lived overseas}.  Our son was born here and so was our fur baby.  The state of Texas and the city of Houston have treated us well.  We both graduated high school here. I went to college in Houston and Benjamin in multiple Texas cities.  We are grateful that we get to be in such a great area!      We will more than likely live here for most of the remainder of our days.  A long time ago I was not okay with that.  Years ago I always thought after I graduated college I would be off to live my adventure in a different place.  But now.  Now I know that this is where I am supposed to be and my heart is content with that!

Happy Rodeo Season Houston!

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