Sunday, April 5, 2015

Winston's First Roller Skating Experience

Every once in a while Winston pretends to ice skate across the floors.  He spreads his legs apart and scoots one foot closer to the other and then pushes the first foot out again.  He proudly announces, "I skating!" and goes about his merry way.  

A few Saturdays ago it became clear that all of us needed a change of scenery or the momentum of the day was going to crash and burn.  You know those days - where everything is just meh and the family is just in a little pity funk.  It was a rainy day so going outside was not an option.  We thought about bowling but then Benjamin said "What about roller skating?"  He called Sk8town to see if they had skates small enough for Winston.  When they confirmed that they did, our decision was made!  Winston woke up from nap, we grabbed his helmet and headed to the car telling him we were going on a roller skating adventure!
I figured Winston would do well with the skating but I thought there would be some nerves, uncertainty and perhaps a few tears.  To my surprise there was none of that!  He excitedly sat in Benjamin's lap while we put on his skates and then popped down to the floor taking his first steps on wheels like a steady pro!  After a few trials on the carpet, he was ready for the wood floor.
He held onto our hands for the first round and then wanted to go on his own.  In order to make sure that he'd continue having fun, we rented one of the little walkers for beginner skaters.  Well worth the $5!  He was confident and steady on his feet.  There was no fear at all and he kept on saying, "C'mon Mommy!  C'mon Daddy!" 
He wheeled that walker to and fro, would stop for a dance break and then keep on skating!  When he did fall he simply said, "Oh no! I fell.  Help up!" and was back on his way.  The rink wasn't too full so it was perfect for us to take our time going around the rink.
I quite like roller skating rinks.  They remind me of the skating in Humble, elementary school, lock-ins, birthday parties and the Hokey Pokey.   To be honest I can't remember the last time I went roller skating.  However I am sure that I will experience more of it in the near future.  
Not only did Winston love skating around the rink on his own, he also loved it when Daddy pushed him really fast around the wood floor!  Might have given Mommy a heart attack the first time and then I thought, "Hey, he's only this little for today.  That's why we brought the helmet!"  
We met Roller Roo and sang Happy Birthday to the people who were having parties there.  We had a wonderful evening of good, clean fun wheeling around to catchy tunes and seeing so much joy in Winston's smile as he step by step skated around the rink!  We'll be back Sk8town, we'll be back!  


  1. Omgosh that looks like so much fun!! The proud look on his face adorable!
    Also my hubby has that matching batman T, yay for super hero dads! :)

  2. I LOVED skating growing up! Can't wait to take Wyatt when he gets a little bigger! SO fun!

  3. What a great rainy day activity! That really brings me back to my middle school days :) Although Winston already seems way better at rollerskating than I ever was! So cool that they have walkers to help out little skaters, I've never seen those before.

  4. How fun! I’ve been wanting to take Mason skating and bowling. Now, even more so. These pictures are great! My sister and I used to go roller skating every weekend when we were younger. It was our favorite!


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