Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Froggy Foot Craft

It was time for us to do a new foot craft and this time Winston chose to make a frog.  First things first, we assembled all of our supplies:
Mod Podge
Martha Stewart Glitter: Blue Apatite
Martha Stewart Paint: Beetle Black, Chamomile, Snow Pea, Scottish Highlands, Green Curry, Green Olive

Since it's summertime, Winston and I decided that our frogs needed to be near a pond to keep them cool during the hot summer days!  :)  Winston made the first steps of the pond with Mod Podge.  He was very methodical and specific on where he wanted them to be.
Next we covered the Mod Podged area in glitter.  Because glitter makes everything more fun!  This was our first time to really go hog wild with it and Winston did a great job making sure none of the white was showing!
We then painted Winston's foot to make the frog's body.  After that dried, I added two circles for the eyes {where they would fit!}, back and front legs.  Winston then glued on the googly eyes.  Then we decided the frogs needed some grass to sit on.  We added the grass and some yellow dots for good measure!  
Since you are making one for yourself, you might as well go ahead and make two or three more.  They make great gifts for family members and they are a frogtastically cute to sit out all summer!

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