Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Truman "Chewie" Cozad

It's true!  Our second little bundle of joy is a boy!  Who would have ever guessed that we would have a family of boys?  

Much like I did with Winston, when I found out I was pregnant, I started praying for wisdom on what our Little should be named.  So the day after hearing the news that our family would be rounded out with Boy Two, I came across the name Truman and instantly loved it!  When Benjamin came home that night I shared it with him and within the next day or two he too agreed that he liked the idea of a little Truman running around!  

When I found out that the name Truman means loyal, trustworthy my heart warmed.  To me, brothers are to be loyal to one another, encouraging, and supportive.  My hope and prayer is that not only would Truman be loyal and trustworthy as a brother, but that he would know that God is always for him and in return Truman would love Him with a fierce and loyal love. 

"For you are great, and your works are wondrous; You are the one True God.  O Eternal One, guide me along Your path so that I will live in Your truth.  Oh Lord, my God! I praise you with all that I am.  I will rightly honor your great name forever.  For your loyal love for me is so great it is beyond comparison.  You have rescued my soul from the depths of the grave."   Psalm 86:10-13 {The Voice}

We have yet to decide on a middle name.  But we have plenty of time!  

We told Winston that he was going to have a baby brother and he took a minute to process that.  
WAC: Not a girl?
Me: No, a little boy!
WAC: A boy.
Me: Yes.  Are you going to teach him how to play cars and trains?
WAC: Oh yes!
Me: And how to love Mommy well?
WAC: Oh of course Mommy!  And how to pee.  And how to eat.  And how to pick out shoes and socks!

Then we told Winston that we were going to name the baby Truman and his response: "That's okay Mommy, I will call him Chewie!"  Every time Benjamin and I call the baby Truman, Winston is quick to correct us with the name he has given him!  

Truman is healthy and we are thankful.  It's hard to believe that we are halfway through with this pregnancy and excitedly awaiting his arrival in February!


  1. Praising God with you for this additional blessing to your family. Looking forward to meeting little Truman.

  2. Congratulations on your 2nd little boy! Winston is going to be the best big brother. I love the name Truman and the meaning of it. And Chewie? That's adorable that he has already given him a nickname!


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