Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Thankful Heart Series: Part 2

This November, I will be participating in A Thankful Heart Series. 

one || Houston & The Great State of Texas
{Winston was 18 months here!}
I have called Houston, or a suburb of it, home the majority of my life.  I grew up here, went to college here, worked here, met and married my husband here and my son was born here.  I have been afforded many fabulous opportunities because I have been in Houston: great jobs, access to fabulous theatre, museums, sports teams, concerts, the zoo, shopping, and unique sights!  There are so many diverse parts to Houston, it is easy to find something small or big to get out and have an adventure!  

My husband and I moved to Dallas weeks after we were married and we cherish that time in our lives with fond memories.  Being less than three hours away affords us the opportunities to visit and enjoy that city as well.  San Antonio and Austin are also close driving distances each providing fun family activities for weekends away.  

Houston will continue to be our home for many years to come as we continue to set down roots with my husband's job.  I am thankful that my Dad's job moved us here over 25 years ago when I was four.  Thank you Lord for the obedience of my parent's to follow Your leading for their future.  For this is where mine will take place as well!

two || Winston's Creative Spirit
Ever since Winston was tiny, I made an effort to do crafts with him.  What started out as a way for us to create home made gifts for family members has turned into a creative spirit within him!  We built our home with an additional room for the purpose of being a craft area/wrapping area.  It has been one of the best things we did!  Almost daily, I get to hear Winston say, "Let's go to the craft room!" and his little feet patter up the stairs.  We do everything from simply coloring, cutting and gluing paper to more planned and thought out activities like canvases and paintings.   Winston knows Hobby Lobby and Michael's well.  He enjoys picking out a new pack of stickers or a fun mini craft for us to create together.  
I truly believe that we were designed after our Creator's heart with a desire to create and have fun while doing it!  In doing crafts with Winston I have learned that not everything is going to be perfect, but it is going to be amazingly special because he made it and he had fun while doing it!  Teaching Winston how to use crayons, markers, scissors and glue has allowed him to express his creativity in imaginative ways!
Winston loves to help with any project we are working on together.  He likes to be in the action.  Because of this, Benjamin and I have made efforts to teach Winston how to do things.  Sometimes it makes a 10 minute project take 20 or 30 minutes but it is worth it to see him enjoy himself!  {Don't worry, there was not actually any spray paint left in that can!}

Benjamin loves woodworking and Winston loves being in the garage in the evenings with him.  He plays on his tool bench and creates towers and ramps out of wood.  With patient anticipation, I cannot wait to see what the two of them create together as Winston gets older!

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  1. I love this! I've always wanted to visit Texas. You make Houston sound so charming :)

  2. I wish my 3.5 year old loved to do crafts! My tiny girl, who is 20 months loves coloring and painting, but my son has zero interest in it.

  3. SO cute! I love all the fun art projects! Your pictures are darling and your little man is too cute!!

  4. I love this!! Craft projects with Mason is one of my favorite things ever.


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