Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thanksgiving Turkey Treats!

With Thanksgiving around the corner and because we signed up to provide desserts at Winston's class Thanksgiving feast, I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration on yummy treats that he could help me make. 

We scrolled through the options together, these cuties caught his eye and the decision was set!  I made a few modifications to the recipe + instructions, went to the grocery store to gather everything needed and that afternoon we create our turkey treats!
Thanksgiving Oreo Turkeys
makes approximately 24
1 package of Double Stuffed Oreos
2 package of Flips Chocolate Covered Pretzels
1 package of Candy Corns
1 package of Candy Eyes {found in the baking aisle}
1 large package of Milk Chocolate Chips
2 Tbsps of vegetable oil
I did a little big of prep work before bringing Chef Winston to the kitchen!  I put the candy corns and eyeballs in little bowls, lined a baking sheet with wax paper and set up the turkey feathers.  I also melted 1 cup of chocolate chips + 3/4 Tbsp of vegetable oil in the microwave in 30 second increments.  It took about a minute to melt the chocolate.  {Note: one cup of chips will cover about 12 Oreos.}
Winston and I both had a good time making our creations!  He really got into making sure each turkey had a beak and two eyes!
Winston did a very thorough job when it came to covering the Oreos in chocolate.  Swishing the Oreo in the chocolate proved to be a fun toddler activity!  I will say that we were both covered in chocolate when it was all said and done.  But then again some of the best times are the messiest times!  :) 
After the Oreos are dipped in chocolate, quickly set them on the trio of pretzels and then decorate their faces.  Once the tray is complete, set it in the fridge for an hour or so for the chocolate to set.  

Winston loved running to the fridge to check on his turkeys while they were cooling!  And he was super proud to take them to school to share with his friends and teachers.  Plus, these make great a great dessert {or snack} for Thanksgiving Day!


  1. Such a great post!!! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. These are so creative. Pinterest sure is a great place to find ideas!

  3. What a cute idea!!! I definitely want to try these, they seem so simple too!
    xo Adriana - Daily Dose of Design

  4. These are too cute! I made owl cupcakes once...these remind me of them:-) Adorable!

  5. OMG they look so cute! Thanks for sharing the tutorial and the recipe |


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