Monday, November 12, 2018

Weekend Top 8

Last week Truman's school hosted Donuts with Dad!  Benjamin spent the morning with Truman in his classroom.  Truman gave Benjamin a gift that he made, they chowed down on donuts and played together for a little while too! 

One of the things I have really enjoyed about being Room Mom for Winston's class this year is having the opportunity to serve in his class whenever his teacher asks me to.  On this particular visit, I helped each student, one on one, turn their hands into turkeys for a project!  I love that I got to see Winston in the middle of the day.  I'm always proud of the fact that even though I'm there, he listens intently to the instructions his teacher gives waiting for his turn to come and see me.  He's such a little ham and sweet buddy!
Winston needed to write a few notes for his Operation Christmas Boxes and this was one of his creations!  I love the details of the little guy's tongue - he told me the boy was really concentrating on where to hang his ornament! 😂
We took full advantage of our church's Kids Night Out by dropping the kids and merrily skipping to the car for some one on one time! 😂 All week we had been emailing back and forth: Christmas gift ideas for the buds, calendar items, all the things!  It was good to eat a sandwich together, finish conversations and we have a good plan for Christmas gifts.  
Saturday evening we ate at Buca di Beppo and as soon as we walked in Eagle Eyes Winston spotted this huge dessert on the counter and announced that he wanted that.  And I had to agree with him, it looked delicious!  All of us were super duper eaters and rewarded with the massive dessert of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, brownies, whip cream and chocolate sauce!
We surprised the buddies with their first Christmas event of the season: Elf the Musical!  A local children's group put on the play and they were both enthralled with the show.  Benjamin and I both love musicals and with both buddies getting older we look forward to doing more things like this.  
After church on Sunday the buddies discovered two fuzzy caterpillars while waiting for me to wrap up what I was doing.  There was one black one and one lime green one.  Thinking that they might get hungry Winston carefully placed new green leaves by them.  😍
Benjamin had a helper buddy for his hole digging task on Sunday.  He is reconfiguring some things with the pixel tree and Winston was pumped to help when he heard a that Benjamin needed to dig a hole.  WAC was did a great job measuring the depth and flinging dirt!  He is making a very manly hole digging face he told me.  

The weekends fly by so quickly; we cherish the days that are low key and fill up our love buckets.  Now we are ready to take on a new week!  Then next week we're off of school for Thanksgiving!!  Wooo hoo!!

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