Sunday, February 10, 2019

10 on the 10th

Today's 10 on the 10th topic is ten ways to show someone you love them.

1.  Have all their favorite snacks in the pantry 😂
2.  Get up every Saturday morning, load into the car and and drive around to two or more places to pick up a smorgasbord of breakfast food delights!
3.  Give them your undivided attention away from distraction.
4.  Rub their feet. 😂 My hubby always keeps a tube of foot lotion in his night stand and most nights I get treated to a foot rub.  It works because touch is his love language and I'm always up for a foot massage!  We have found that it is good way for us to look at each other and talk about our day after the kiddos are all tucked into bed.
5.  Send them a card or hide a note to let them know you're thinking about them.
6.  When out shopping make a stop at the Lego aisle or Lego store depending where you are.  We could also add allow one of the bedrooms in your home to be turned into a Lego room!  It truly is one of our favorite places to be as a family.  😍
7.  Surprise them!  With a special gift, with an impromptu lunch or dinner date, their favorite soda or candy bar.
8.  Read their favorite books over and over.  😊 Or read a book that your significant other is also reading so that y'all can discuss it.

I asked Winston for his input and this is what he said:
9.  "Hugs and snuggles.  Huggles!!"
10.  Saying "I love you" every opportunity you can. 😍

Linking up with The Bolin Bunch for the 10 on 10 series!  Next month is ten things you say every day on repeat.  I'm starting to take notes now - 😳😂


  1. Love this post so much! I will have the link-up ready in the morning for you. Hope your week is GREAT! I am going to start taking notes also for next month, but I already know a few things that I say ALL THE TIME! :)

  2. I love the "huggles". Hahaha! So cute! I also love number one. This is a great list!

  3. You get the award for greatest mom for getting everyone's fave food! And your hubby gets the award for best husband for the foot rubs for sure! I've really been trying hard to love my people in the way they love to be loved!

  4. My step- father used to get up every Saturday morning and buy as all donuts from a local shop (that made them fresh) making sure to get at least one favorite for each of us. It's something I still remember as a fond childhood memory!

  5. I love all of these! The Lego room is so cool. I love surprising my kids too. Fun to find you out here in blog land!

  6. What a sweet list!! I love the way you love your family. You've got me thinking about a list of things my family would say makes them feel loved... We may just have to work on writing out a list together.


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