Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Trader Joe's Favorites

We have a Trader Joe's in our area that we make it to about once a month or so.  The boys love going along with me because they can push the little carts and pick up a few of their favorite items!

We'll start with some of Truman's most favorite things:
He loves these as a snack, in his lunch, for breakfast.  And really, so do I!  Give us all the flavors!

It's the same story with these bars.  They come in strawberry, blueberry and mango.  Seasonally there have been pumpkin and cranberry flavors too!

Rolling with the breakfast theme, these croissants are amazing!  They come in chocolate and almond flavors; both winners.  You set them out on the pan the night before and then when they come out of the oven they are light, flakey and delicious!

I always pick up a few bags of these guys.  They are a great side item.  I like to make them crispy!

The next two items were impulse buys the first time around and now they are must grabs every time I'm there.  A few days a week I'm by myself for lunch and having these on hand keeps me from running out and grabbing something.

I eat this salsa with every Taco Night we have!

I'm not known to be a big soup person.  However nothing beats a grilled cheese sandwich with a bowl of tomato soup.  These two are both quite tasty and super easy to make.  Pour in pan, heat, serve!

I love olives and these little packets are the perfect size for a snack or for a side with lunch.

Truman always picks up a bag of these parmesan crips and God bless him because they are so tasty!

Let me start this by saying I am not a green juice person.  The thought of drinking kale or lettuce or whatever weed is inside the drink makes me queasy.  However someone that I trust greatly said that they drink this and it that it tasted good.  So I bought one, opened it, took a deep breath and chugged. πŸ˜‚ I was actually quite surprised; it was really tasty!  It didn't taste like grass! πŸ˜‚It tastes like an apple, banana, pineapple smoothie.

And the last one for today is their pulled pork.  This can be found in the refrigerated section next to the vegetables.  I'm not a huge barbecue fan, but this is downright tasty and so stinking easy to make.  There are instructions for the mircowave on the back but I put it into my crock pot and leave it on low for a few hours before dinner.  We eat it on Hawaiian rolls with chips or sometimes sweet potato fries!
This would also make an excellent meal to take to a friend to bless their day!

What is one of the most surprising things that you have found a your favorite grocery store?


  1. I wish I lived near a Trader Joe's. People are always posting about what neat stuff they get from there. Our closest one is almost 3 hours away! All of this looks tasty! Thanks for sharing. Hope your day is great!

  2. Love this! Going to try them ALL!
    We love their Spanish olive oil. I won’t buy any other kind. I also like their egg salad for lunches on my own. Lastly, flowers are so reasonably priced and beautiful there. I almost always grab some.


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