Wednesday, May 1, 2019


My husband!  He certainly juggles quite a bit in his day: from patient treatment plans to managing staff and a partner to maintaining systems and buildings.  Yet he comes home each evening with energy to love on me and the boys.  I am always in awe of how much he manages to accomplish in a day.  He works hard to provide the best care for his patients, to create a fun and safe work environment for his staff and to provide for everything we could ever need.  I just love him to pieces!

Monster trucks.

A book from my Dad that I have yet to start reading.

That teacher appreciation week is coming up which signals to me the end of school is near!  Woo hoo!!  
I also need to call to make a few appointments before the kids are out for the summer...

Reading my latest book in the queue!

Happy MAY to you!  What is something you are finishing up this month?

Today I'm linking up with Anne.


  1. We have teacher appreciation week next week! Are you doing anything fun?? I'm collecting $$ to put together some fun themed gifts each day and of course baking some cookies :)

  2. I need to start planning for Teacher appreciation! Can't believe it's already that time again!!

  3. I've been finishing books left and right lately - helps when you have a stack of really good ones! And I really need to get on this teacher appreciation stuff, because the school year is going to be done before I know it. Thanks for linking up!

  4. I hope whatever you're reading is a good one!! :)



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