Friday, December 3, 2021

Third Grade Planet Project: Out of This World!

This year Winston had what I consider his first big school project - a planet project!  He was tasked with researching and presenting on an assigned planet.  He received a list of questions he had to answer and include in his final presentation.  The teachers also provided a list of ways that the students could showcase the information.  

Winston was assigned the planet Uranus.  He decided that he wanted to create a video in the vein of a news program.  We were given approval and we set off to answer the questions and write his script.  On his own, he had to read about Uranus, dictate the script {as I typed it up} and plan out the scenes he wanted to have.  

In order to keep it from getting overwhelming we tackled one piece of the project on a different day.  I filmed, he presented.  I uploaded the videos, he chose the cuts he wanted.  He added titles and sounds to the videos and at the end had a finished product we considered out of this world! 

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