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May 2022 Book Reviews


I would 100% Read It Again
The Bodyguard by Katherine Center falls into my category of I would one hundred percent read this book again.  Even though I know the twists and turns.  Even though I know the ending.  I loved it! I didn't want it to end.  Hannah Brooks is a little on the gruff side, a realist, a person who has been through it and in order to protect herself and others has rules and guidelines.  In her line of work as an Executive Protection Agent, being on guard while reading body language and assessing all possible outcomes of a situation is what makes her amazing.  Then enters Jack Stapleton.  Her new assignment.  He's a famous movie star who has some scars of his own and he completely throws her for a loop.  

Katherine's style of writing Hannah's story drew me in and I did not want to put the book down. When it ended I sat in the glow of the story.  It also had me Googling what else Katherine has written so I could add it to my cart!  

A very sweet and emotionally charged book that I will happily recommend to everyone I meet! 😍

Thank you NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for the Advanced Reader Copy for my honest review.  I honestly love it and have ordered a copy for my bookshelf!  Publishes on July 19th so be sure to pre-order today!

Also in this category of would 100% Read Again is....
To Sir With Love by Lauren Layne is everything you want in a sweet, make your heart beat fast, make you feel good from your head to your toes kind of book.  I loved this book.  I bought this book in physical form because it needs to live on my shelf so when someone asks for a good book, I have it handy to lend to them.  I bought it for my Mom. 

Gracie runs her family champagne shop and is an eternal optimist with a secret. She joined a dating app and has been messaging with a man who she only knows as Sir. Living her life in the predictability of the day to day, she is thrown for a loop when the attractive man with aqua eyes who caused her entire body to jolt shows up at her business.  He comes bearing an offer that causes a series of events she was not quite ready for!

If you love a sweet, well written, thoughtful romcom where the heroine comes into her own and blossoms, then this is a book for you!  A wonderful read for the summer!  I read this for the first time through Kindle Unlimited.

Cute but Fell A Little Flat
The Sizzle Paradox is a cute read but in all honesty, it fell a little short of sizzling for me.  Lyric is writing up her thesis on what she is calling the Sizzle Paradox - a combination of things that when put together with a scan of the brain can affirm or deny if what a couple has is truly a life long true love situation.  

Lyric lives with her best friend Kian.  From the get go, the reader can feel that these two main characters are emotionally committed to each other stunting any other romantic relationships that they have.  However, they can't see it.  Kian commits to tutoring Lyric in how to date and voila! a series of dates leads to the discovery of the feelings they were afraid to admit to themselves.  

The non-communication trope in books drives me absolutely bonkers and this book was filled with it.  I'm guessing that's why I found myself not connecting as well with this story as I wanted to.  I did however enjoy the adorable moments between Lyric and Kian.

Thank you NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for this Advanced Reader Copy for my honest review.  This book has a publish date of June 28th so if you enjoy a fake-dating romance with women in STEM and a happy ending, pre-order today!

Took Me Back to the Halls of High School
Back into the halls of high school after summer break Lara's world is rocked when the realizes that her three best friends have all coupled up with three boys in their grade.  This leaves her as the odd woman out and fending for herself against James, he lone boy of his group of friends. James and Lara have known each other their entire lives.  Lara doesn't particularly like James and doesn't really want to spend any alone time with him.  She is able to avoid him for the most part, until his Mom recruits her to tutor James.  Lara is faced with James, who is quite good-looking, and her own feelings about him.

This is a cute read with some comical parts that made me chuckle.  Lara's friends were kinda flakey which made it really feel like high school. I'll tell you right now, I was not a fan of the ending.  I wasn't having it. 😂  I am fairly certain I even yelled "NO!" because I was that put out. 

Thank you NetGalley and Wattpad Books for the Advanced Readers Copy.  How To Be the Best Third Wheel by Loridee De Villa is available for purchase now if you're into a cute YA read!

Did Not Hold My Attention
Circling Back to You is an adorable name for a workplace romance and hooked me into reading this book because I love a good workplace romance.  Unfortunately, the chemistry between Candace and Matt fell flat. From the get-go the reader can tell that Matt is taken with Candace. Candace seems only fixated on Matt's exterior hung up on his dating history.  While I desperately tried to find affection for these characters and their story, I found myself skimming huge chucks of pages to get on with it.

I wish I had a better review to write, but sometimes there are books that just don't resonate with a person and that happens to be me this go around.  

Thank you NetGalley and Avon & Harper Boyager for the opportunity to read and review before publishing.  This book comes out on July 12, 2022! 

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