Saturday, June 19, 2010

ice is just right

Vintageites met at the Allen Event Center for some fun on the ice!  It was the first time that Benjamin and I had been to the ice skating rink together ever.  I was amazed at his awesome skating skills and was even able to keep up most of the time.  I really enjoy ice skating and often forget how fun it is!  The price for the evening was not bad - I think for both the rental and the skating for the two of us it was about $20.

Before heading out for the event, Benjamin and I stopped at Mooyah to try them out.  It was delicious!  They have a system quite like Wich Wich where you mark your burger and toppings on a sheet to speed up order placement.  Their fry portion was quite generous and their strawberry milkshake is heavenly!  I highly recommend it if you are looking for a place one step up from fast food but not quite fancy sit down dinner.

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