Sunday, July 4, 2010

Staycataion at Hotel Palomar

This weekend Benjamin and I decided to do a staycation in Dallas for our third wedding anniversary celebration!  A few months back we started planning our trip and came across Hotel Palomar.  Other than the awesome deal that Benjamin found on Expedia for the weekend, the other thing we loved was that it was an uber pet friendly hotel!  We decided to bring Lulu along with us for the few days we were going to be there.

Both Benjamin and I had been counting down the days until this long holiday weekend.  We both had been coming and going at rapid speeds.  The opportunity to just be in each other's company celebrating 3 awesome years of marriage was exciting to us and having Luly along was icing!

On entering into the main doors of Hotel Palomar, we saw that they had a little sign up with all the names of their furry guests...including Lulu's!

On entering into our home away from home for the weekend, we were greeted by a goldfish swimming contentedly in his wee home and relaxing sounds of a rainforest.

The first night we stayed in because of the weather ordering food from Central 214, the hotel's restaurant and renting "Date Night."  The second night we stayed in because we could!  :)  Both nights after dinner we ordered desserts....and they were stellar!  The first night we had The Chocolate Waffle which was covered in chocolate sauce, peanut butter ice cream and caramelized bananas!  The second night we had Upside Down Key Lime Pie.  Needless to say the plates were left clean!

Our time at Hotel Palomar was everything fantastic about a weekend: relaxation, great food, Lulu and a husband who is wonderful beyond what words can describe!

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