Sunday, October 24, 2010

Everything's up to date in Kansas City!

Kansas City had beautiful weather on Sunday.  We started our day by heading out in search of a Target so that we could see if they had any little Lego men still available.  In our quest for more Lego men, we drove around the Shawnee Mission area which was full of beautiful trees and really cute houses.

After our search for Lego men was complete, we headed back to The Plaza to eat some lunch and walk around.  The highlight of my visit was being at the Hallmark complex!  I read the biography of J.C. Hall, the founder of Hallmark, a couple of years ago and that combined with my love of Hallmark ornaments and Gold Crown Stores led me to geek out when I saw Halls, the Crayola store, and the corporate office.

We a few more hours to before Benjamin needed to be ready for dinner, so we headed to the World War 1 museum.  I was extremely impressed by the exhibits of the museum and the memorial tower that had a panoramic view of Kansas City.

Extreme concentration!
The cow jumped over the moon!
In front of the Hallmark Complex
World War I monument and museum
Happy Couple in KC, MO

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