Monday, January 24, 2011

Book Review: The Fame Series 1-3

For Easter last year my mom gave me the first few books in a series written by Karen Kingsbury.  The series was call the Redemption Series.  It's a series of five books that documents the adventures and spiritual journey of the Baxter family.  These books are addicting in the sense that you want to know the outcome of the saga.  I wrapped up the books and was ready for the next series - the Firstborn Series which continues the story of the Baxter family.

For Christmas I received the first two books, Fame and Forgiven.  Last week I started the first book and was captured by the story of Dayne Matthews and his journey to discovering himself and allowing Jesus to work in his life.
These stories capture my imagination and I just can't get enough - so within the past week I completed both books!  Upon m finishing the second book, my sweet husband popped onto Amazon and ordered the next three books in the series.  They arrived Friday while I was away.  When I got home Saturday, Benjamin was still at Baylor so I grabbed book three, Found, plopped down on the couch with my sweet Lu and electric blanket... next thing I know I'm three quarters the way through the book!  Sunday after lunch I was able to finish the book in time to give my complete attention to the Steelers v. Jet game!

So far the count is up to four books completed in January...I think I'll meet my 24 in 2011!  How is your reading coming along?

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