Sunday, January 9, 2011

I heart snow

I had heard rumblings that snow was a-comin' to North Dallas.  On Saturday I checked my Weather Channel app at least 6 times getting updates and affirmation that such rumblings were true.  That night I charged my camera battery.

I awoke to sounds of precipitation falling on the house only to find that it was merely rain.  "That's okay," I thought, "it's not supposed to snow until 2p anyways."  After church, we walked outside of the sanctuary only to see massive, white flakes dancing around in flurries outside of the windows!  I had to retrain myself from skipping to the car.  I did however throw a snowball at Benjamin, who ducked, causing the ball to land on a neighboring car.

Once we arrived at home, we quickly bundled up.  Including Lulu.
Benjamin went out first so that he could capture Lulu and I bounding across the snow in our exuberance!
I love my little snow puppy!
And my snow hubby! Who is a lover, not a fighter.

Samantha, Ben and Bailey came over to frolic in the snow.  It was Bailey's first time in the snow!

And since this is the last year we are in Dallas, which equates to the last year of living somewhere it snows, one last snap of the Crazy Cozads in front of our Allen house with snow.
Remember how earlier I said that Benjamin was a lover and not a fighter...  I take it back.

Boy put me in the snow.  Picked me up and dumped me in the snow.

Good thing I love snow!


  1. Ahhhh I'm so sad that ya'll are moving. But it looks like we'll still have some of your family in our class. Sam & Ben came to our class yesterday!! We enjoyed having them. I hope they like our class!!

  2. I love the snow pictures. We didn't have as much at our house! Not even enough for a snowman. Looks like the dogs enjoyed the snow just as much as you! and I'm also sad ya'll are moving. I hope Sam and Ben enjoyed our class!


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