Sunday, January 30, 2011

You've been accepted... what?
Before Christmas, Benjamin took his National Board Exam, one of the many tests to take so that he can become a licensed dentist.  I am proud to report that he passed with flying colors!  Benjamin started his final semester at Baylor Dental.  This semester includes completing all of the cases he has been working on while wrapping up requirements to graduate, fulfilling duties on the Dean search committee and student government while preparing to take the WREB exam.

What is WREB?  This is the final step in the licensing procedure.  It is a 3 day hand skills test that he must pass in order to graduate.  Anyone taking WREB has to find patients and an assistant.  God has been faithful to provide one solid patient by the way of my co-worker Andrew.  (Hi Andrew!)  We are still praying for the second patient.  This exam is the weekend of April 15th.  After his exam, Benjamin more than likely be done with all patient work and will be able to help me with house stuff until his big day on May 20th!

I turned in my notice to The Web and my last day is scheduled to be April 1st.  An opportunity has come up at The Web and currently, Benjamin and I are praying about God's direction.  Once I become a stay at home wifie, my main duties will be to get the house ready to sell and to start cleaning out/boxing up our belongings as well as keeping Lulu company!

What about housing and moving to Houston?  We have decided to live down around the school for two years to experience a different side of Houston.  We are hoping to rent a house since our time there will be shorter.  We have a few leads on some really outstanding opportunities and look forward to seeing how God is going to work it all out.  We will start looking for a place in March and are shooting to list our house in April.

Orthodontic residency starts June 27th!

While we know that we have a lot to do between now and then, Benjamin and I are making the most of every moment we have here in Dallas.

Here are some things that we will be praying for and would love for you to join with us:
  • That Benjamin is able to find the last patient for the WREB exam and that he would feel prepared and not overwhelmed.  
  • That we have wisdom in how to approach the opportunity at The Web.
  • That we would find the best housing arrangement for us where we can be used to build relationships with those around us.
  • That our house would be sold in perfect timing.
We are still rejoicing in the fact that we are indeed attending Ortho school!

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  1. I've been eating 25 packs of Smarties a day, and swishing sugar water every night so that my cavities will be perfect!


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